6 Ways to Enhance Your Small Meeting

When people think of small meetings they don’t often see the possibilities to truly create the experience of a larger event. From audience engagement to new technology, here are six ways you can enhance your next small meeting without having to blow your budget.


1. Video Content is King

Video content has been proven to be one of the most engaging ways to deliver a message.  It helps to renew focus, draw emotion, and build excitement which ultimately creates a connection.  “Many of us are visual learners. Delivering your message through video can help you keep your audience’s attention longer and make that message understood more easily” says Josh Coulas, MediaLab Manager at FMAV.  When you focus on your content and the ways in which you present your content, this will enhance the attendee experience and your audience is more likely to retain your message.

2. Forego the flip chart

It’s 2016 and what even happens with those giant pieces of flip chart paper you spent all day pouring you thoughts, ideas, and soul onto?  Consider a green, more modern route. A digital whiteboard that actually saves and shares all that information to the attendee’s devices perhaps? A Digital whiteboard can do all of the above as well as connect with people who couldn’t make it to your meeting in person.
Digital Whiteboard

3. Seamless presentations keep focus

Nothing is worse that sitting there watching a presenter fumble with their USB stick and powerpoint slideshow. It’s a real buzz-kill and now everyone is looking to the door for a 5th coffee break.  This is where a seamless presentation management system comes into play.  Imagine having all presentations loaded, tested and queued up before hand and having your presenters just walk up to the mic worry-free.  That feeling you have right now is relief.

4. Keep them engaged with simple presentation apps

Maybe you’re in an awkward sized room that no one can see the screen or perhaps the whole point of your meeting is to gain feedback.  There are actually simple apps that can help you here and keep your audience engaged.  The main challenge with event apps is audience adoption.  If they are too complex are do way too much you will lose the engagement you wanted from it.  And for your small meeting choose one goal you want to achieve from the app.   The MeeToo app from Lumi is a great tool for audience engagement.  Polling and Q&A are this apps bread and butter and ridiculously intuitive.

5. Do away with stand up Q&A mics

Throwable microphones are here to stay.  They came into our lives in 2014 and wowed event and meeting planners and their audiences.  The fun, engaging, and highly practical Catchbox has become an event staple and for good reason. Eradicating the need to have people running around with multiple microphones (leaving less time for questions) or watching someone struggle with the height of a mic stand.  Throwable microphones such as the Catchbox are a simple way to enhance any Q&A and keep people on their toes.

Catchbox6. Post meeting distribution

Want to keep your audience in the conversation opposed to writing notes furiously?  Consider post meeting distribution.  An MP3 record is your best bet here and not too hard on the wallet.  When your audience knows they’ll have access to all the content later they are more inclined to participate in discussions and absorb your message. Just knowing they have access to all the information will give them peace of mind and be more comfortable during the meeting.

For more information on any of these audiovisual solutions contact your local FMAV office