Augmented Reality

Goal to bring virtual objects and content into the real world environment and allowing the participant to interact with it.

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How does it work?

AR creates a live view of a real-world environment with additional computer-generated information overlaid on to it. This might include sound effects, videos, images or location data, but the important thing is that it results in the surrounding world becoming interactive for the user.

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What makes Augmented Reality unique?

Augmented reality blends physical and digital worlds saving us more time for interacting with each other.

With the rise of AR we have all what it takes to express ourselves in alternative ways.  It’s a beginning of a new messaging platform.

If you regularly follow the latest news on technology trends, you’ll no doubt be aware that augmented reality (AR) is an ongoing topic of interest among industry professionals.  What started as a phenomenon that was used by only a few forward-thinking organizations is now a concept that has been rolled out across almost every industry.