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Top 3 Creative Event Design Ideas

Creative Design Process Tools

3 fast tools to help with creative design process 1. Stakeholder Alignment Canvas Exercise: Before you can design your event, you need to understand who you are...

Mike Schilz_New VP Toronto_branch_FMAV

FMAV Names New Vice President in Toronto

Industry Veteran Michael Schilz Appointed to Lead Toronto Production Centre. FMAV announced today that Michael Schilz has been named Vice President, Toronto Production Centre.“Mike has extensive...

Top Four fundraising apps

Top Gala Fundraising Apps

Four Options for Top Easy-to-use Fundraising Apps If you are in the not-for-profit or fundraising business, collecting donations is a key objective for your events. Although...

The Next Evolution of Event Design.

Creating Transformative Experiences. Our industry has spent the last 5 years talking about how important it is to design experiences. This aim is undeniably true. However,...