CPHR Conference and Tradeshow 2017


CPHR Conference and Tradeshow 2017, Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, BC.

The 55th annual HR Conference and Tradeshow is the largest human resources conference in Western Canada with more than 1,200 attendees each year supporting British Columbia and Yukon, Canada.

The objective of this event was to incorporate a ‘Power Up’ theme throughout the conference. The idea was to embrace technology to enhance employee connections within an HR environment, and to enable attendees with the tools and knowledge to support those connections in their employment. FMAV worked closely with the client to provide and deliver solutions that would maximize recognition and experience to all stakeholders focusing on event attendees and sponsors. In addition, launching a rebrand throughout the events environment in accordance with the events theme, and delivering educational connections.

A big priority in increasing value for sponsors was to amplify recognition. Single large screens were used as the back drop for the stage. The center screen featured a video back drop that allowed the sponsor logo to be visible within the camera framing of Image magnification (IMAG). 2 additional screens were positioned on either side of the main center screen. The first set of flanking screens contained slide content during presentations. Second set provided IMAG and sponsor recognition in between sessions.

To shine the ‘power up’ theme into each attendee and raise the excitement, FMAV’s MediaLab team of creative content designers took the clients branding assets and translated them into the events on screen experience. Configuring, the visuals flowed through all 5 screens with immersive content.

FMAV also supported and managed many simultaneous concurrent breakout sessions, providing and powering wireless microphones. The use of having all wireless equipment required wireless frequency coordination, FMAV used a mobile frequency control station to analyze and mitigate frequency clashes across large venues such as the Vancouver Convention Centre.

The concept of enabling attendees with the tools and knowledge to support connections in employees was incorporated in every stage of this event. Using audio, technology and an immersive presentation set up, the event increased brand sponsorship value and delivered an energetic environment to all participants.