lululemon is the world’s preeminent yoga clothing and lifestyle brand with more than 225 stores across the world. The implementation of their communications strategy involves a comprehensive training for all these local educators supported primarily through retail sales teams.


The challenge was to bring together as many of their team members as possible for a company business update with minimal impact on business operations at a reasonable cost. It’s impossible to get everyone together in one single location due to time, travel and financial constraints — too much disruption to daily business operations at an incredible cost. The challenge is all too common: How to get your entire company together without major time and travel requirements, excessive expense and detrimental impact on business operations?


FMAV stepped up to the challenge and worked closely with lululemon’s Communications and IT teams to craft the perfect solution. Hold a meeting at corporate head-office onsite — a comfortable and familiar location for presenting executives — and use a live webcast to bring everyone into the same virtual space. The live stream of camera shots and video rolls were produced on-site and delivered to the remote audience. A live question management functionality was also implemented to get immediate feedback and questions from viewers, contributing to inclusivity, productivity and overall team engagement. The results were fantastic. Comments from the teams were all positive with many specifically noting that the webcast features made them feel included and considered. The client was very happy with the results and return on their investment.


“Once again, a big thanks to FMAV for putting together a show that came together with very short notice. In particular I want to thank Sam for extracting our CEO videos from YouTube at 11pm the night before to ensure we were able to run them for the show, making sure the PowerPoint slide was suitable for widescreen. Marijan for exporting the video to our preferred specs, so it is uploadable to our intranet, and Mike for always figuring out the tiny bits of info that trickle in from me, and putting it all together to produce a successful show.

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