Event Video Production


With all the effort that goes into producing your live event, it only makes sense to capture a recording of it. Whether it’s for archiving, sharing with attendees, or using it to promote future events, recording your event has numerous valuable uses.

Our team comes with decades of experience recording live events.   To capture the essence of an event on film, you need to have strategic camera placements, the right lighting and sound, and well-timed editing to bring it all together. We specialize in filming and editing live events and bring an experienced team, and state-of-the-art equipment with us.

Each event is different and has different requirements which is we choose our recording tools based on your vision. Whether it’s the shallow depth of field that DSLR cinematic cameras bring, or the crisp ENG style camera look of daytime television, we’ll make sure to fit the right tool for your event.

Once captured, our in-house media lab take the footage and connect it all together, choosing the best shots to tell the story, and integrating graphics, sound, and PowerPoint slides to keep things interesting. Each video can then be output for sharing for the platform of your preference.

Video Production
  • Multi camera live shoots to corporate meeting
  • Broadcast quality finished projects
  • Using seasoned camera operators and directors with decades of experience with a focus helping capture and communication of the message of your event
  • Event highlight video interviews and recap
  • Tie in motion graphic enhancements
  • Total Audiovisual Solutions Video Recording