Grey Cup Festival 2017


Commissioners Brunch for the Grey Cup 2017, Shaw Convention Centre, Ottawa, ON.

FMAV worked with multiple stakeholders to coordinate each person’s vision for their responsible activities and unify the events persona throughout all events held in several locations. Media stages were set up for each media channel to have their own hub so they could bring in a player and have one on one interviews. The final event called state of the league is an opportunity for the commissioner to give a press release to the media on the landscape of the league.

The objective for the commissioner’s brunch was to find new innovative ways to give the commissioner the best show he could possibly have, as well as a fresh look that feels great, engages with the audience, and was reflective of the CFL culture. FMAV partnered with the client for the 2017 Canadian Football League (CFL) Direct Events during the Grey Cup.

FMAV supported all CFL Direct Events during the Grey Cup Festival 2017, supplying truss banners, and television-ready backlighting. The client’s request was to provide an innovative appearance and feel, FMAV’s Scenic Tile solution was set up as the stage backdrop for the commissioner’s brunch to elevate the CFL brand and activity.

A stage manager was on-site to coordinate the flow of the event, key timings, as well as transition scheduling. The room itself removed projection abilities because of the glass walls. LED walls were used for the main screens, and as part of the added production value, FMAV created a satellite stage generating a studio atmosphere where the host and hostess could deliver their comments. Every event executed included media presence and subsequent dedicated audio feeds for media, with set up for live broadcast.

FMAV coordinated and calculated multiple activities across various locations and orchestrated thousands of people and activities to the highest standard of our client’s expectations.


“On a more personal note regarding the Grey Cup message to OSEG, you and your team were great to work with. The changes on the fly were greeted and handled with eagerness and a smile despite the stressful week. It was great getting to know you better and I’m looking forward to continuing the relationship the CFL has built with FMAV.” – Curtis Emerson, Director, Events and Production, Canadian Football League.