Quebec Foreign Business Leader Forum, Le Bon Entente Hotel, Quebec City.


The Quebec Forum is an event that brings together sixty business executives as well as various government partners to discuss issues and challenges to foster investment attraction to Quebec.

FMAV worked closely with the client, CAI Global, to achieve their objective of increasing the value of the event through Audio Visual solutions. A tiered seating arrangement was built to facilitate a summit like environment.

FMAV’s Glisser solution was proposed as second screen slide sharing to bring detailed presentation slides to each attendee using individual iPads, ensuring each person could view and interact with all presentation content. Personal content notes were securely saved to each individual’s account for future reference.

The Glisser audience engagement platform was used to create a digitally innovative environment that would enable audience participation and allow for discussion adjustments in a highly effective manner. Each participant was able to make individual notes directly on the presentation slides, answer census polls, and ask moderator questions during the event.

Polling results and topics from the main session were collected and consolidated in real time through Glisser. This information was used to set the orientation of each subsequent breakout session in efforts to continue the dialogue on addressing each stakeholders values and concerns.

Each attendee has the right to speak and initiate dialogue with the presenter, FMAV positioned and powered microphones at each seat to facilitate easy and immediate communication without the use of a passed microphone. The Push to Talk microphone solution provided simplified and central control to voice interaction, and audio speakers.

To immerse participants and focus attention, panoramic screens with digital signalization were positioned to created an innovative environment that supported audience productivity streams.


“At an event of this magnitude, it is essential that the audiovisual presentation be impeccable. Your team has taken up the challenge in a brilliant way.” – Jayne McNaughton, Executive Vice President and Founding Partner, The CAI Global Group Inc.