Scenic Solutions


FMAV collaborates with each client to understand needs and goals when building an event from conception to execution.  Our scenic experts will bring your vision to life during the execution of your event that will captivate your audience.  We have the capabilities to build your idea, no matter how big or small. From simple, tailored scenic decor designed to fit your event, to fully customized set design and production.

How does it work?

Scenic tiles are a unique solution to help event professionals transform their event space in an impactful way. They are individual tiles that are assembled to create a wall or shaped design that enhances the environmental elements of your event space. Lighting is then projected onto the tiles to create a variety of visual elements that showcase event branding and colour themes.

Why are Scenic Tiles right for you?

  • Dynamic Stage. Showcase an innovative stage backdrop that will enhance your presenter area and bring attention to the front of the room.
  • Transform Your Event Backdrop. A fresh inspiring look to elevate the standard photography backdrop. Wow your guests as they enter as well as provide a media backdrop for photos and interviews.
  • Deliver A Message. The overall look and experience of the room can create an environment by immersing your attendees into the theme or mood that aligns with your event objectives.
  • Sponsorship and Brand Recognition. Scenic tiles can be customized and created with your company logo, event logo, or sponsorship logo’s to present a one of a kind experience to your stakeholders.

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