Virtual Events


Virtual events is the sharing and streaming of media content within a virtual online environment. It can be viewed through any device, anywhere around the world.

How does it work?

FMAV takes your event and routes it through our virtual events solution, then connecting the broadcast to your participants. We can work with various levels of engagement within the virtual events spectrum from video conferences, webcasting, webinars, to custom streaming.

Why is it right for you?
  • You have a remote audience that you would like to connect with.
  • You have venue space limitations and are unable to physically host all your attendees.
  • You have various office locations that need to connect for meetings.
  • Your company has town-hall events that need to broadcast nationally or globally to employees or externally.
  • You have many clients or potential attendees that face travel barriers.
  • You are looking to extend the ability for more people to view and participate in your events.