Virtual Reality


At FMAV, we don’t just embrace trends, we set them! When Virtual Reality was just emerging we saw the big picture and how this technology could revolutionise the event planning process. At the start of 2016, we launched VR in the Canadian event community to support events in multiple ways for pre-visualisations, exhibit engagement, speaker training, and 360 live streaming.

Virtual Reality transports you to the event environment with lights, sound, and action so you can virtually experience how your event will look in reality to ensure you make the right connection. We provide event-focused virtual reality solution that enables the wearer to be fully immersed in an event environment. Thanks to pioneering mobile apps and wireless network technology, a planner can have a premium VR experience of their event from the attendee perspective, long before the event happens.

How does it work?

It’s easy: Put on the goggles or incorporate a spherical large VR display and you are immersed in a destination or event environment, created by our MediaLab content creation team and powered by our Solution Specialist team?. Participants can explore their environment in full 360 degree view including visualizing both still and video content.

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