World Congress of Dermatology

Vancouver Convention Centre – Vancouver, BC

This massive quadrennial event features more than 6,000 presentations and brings together more than 13,000 delegates from around the world to connect with and learn from each other. Over 100 dedicated FrischkornMEDIACO (FMAV) staff were on-site, hauling seven 53’ trailers of equipment coming from all of our national warehouses. This would become the largest buy of audiovisual in Vancouver (conference) history and in the history of our merged companies. Technical highlights that helped bring this medical conference to the next level included:

4mm LED Screens:

With the Vancouver Convention Centre’s translucent roof flooding daylight into the room, projection is damn near impossible.
This is why deploying 4mm LED walls was an absolute necessity. The 4mm LED walls are able to convey high detail and fine text as well as projection does and arguably more vibrantly. And in theme of immense scope and beauty, we used 360 of the panels creating two large LED walls (that’s 180 panels each!). These immense walls displayed everything from the opening gala and remarks to PowerPoint’s for concurrent sessions throughout the conference making them true beacons of content.

e-Poster Gallery:

Poster boards are used on trade show floors for almost all major conferences as overflow for abstracts that were not accepted to become oral presentations in session rooms. Typically these 4×8’ poster boards either limit how many such abstracts can be accommodated or take up too much of the valuable exhibit space. Given that WCD is quadrennial, organizers had a strong desire to accommodate as many submissions as possible without compromising their lucrative show floor. The solution: an electronic poster area, or an “e-Poster gallery lounge” as FMAV titled it in this instance.

Presentation Management:

13,000 delegates. 6,000 presentations. Presentation management is key. With a conference of this size it is vital that all presentations are ready to and in the right place. Using 24 terminals and dedicated “speaker-ready room” technicians to help ease tensions and allow the presenters to channel absolute focus on the delivery of their message.


A creative approach was a key element for our clients. The goal was to really showcase the host city, Vancouver and maintain a dynamic atmosphere. This is where set design came in to play. We worked with the client and their logo to design dynamic set pieces, such as the flying mobile that was set up in the main lobby, standing 3D logo-sculptures for the stages, and large block letters to read “VANCOUVER WCD 2015” as statement pieces both on the stage and in the main lobby. This was a great visual attraction and photo op for attendees, who regularly used it as a backdrop for social media posts, helping to drive online conversation and engagement.


“It was fantastic working with an audiovisual supplier like FMAV who provides the kind of insight, knowledge, flexibility, and understanding of what we & our end client need.”
-Carrie Dick, Meeting Planner, Simply Eventful

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