Brightbox Charging Stations

The average event participant carries 2.5 electronic devices with them and inevitably one of those devices will need to be charged.

Participants will hunt down and huddle around any open power outlet in hallways or meeting rooms to keep powered up. This takes people away from actively engaging in the event while taking time to charge their device.

How does it work?

Brightbox cellphone charging stations combine the security and reliability of locker-style chambers with digital signage and interactive kiosk features that increase brand exposure.
With its open platform, Brightbox also provides features to enable event organizers and sponsors to track brand impressions, usage and post-event ROI. Why not offer a secure amenity for your attendees while highlighting your brand and message?

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Why is Brightbox charging station right for you?

Delivers magnified brand exposure and increased impressions through memorable and intimate interactions.

Brightbox charging stations provide both physical and data security, minimizing liability for sponsors, adn enabling an ‘always-on’ mobile user experience.

Attracts attendees to brand activations and tradeshow booths, and provides consumer engagement via its digital signage and interactive kiosk features.

Increases dwell time, delight, and repeat visits helping to mange the flow of guests using strategic kiosk placement.

Increases ROI, adn unlike other passive recharging solutions, provides usage and data reporting and customer acquisition features, so that sponsors can track users and create post-event ROI via coupon, emails, and SMS.