The problem with stage microphones is that they’re, well, restricted to the stage. What if you want to hear from the audience? You could interrupt the flow of the presentation, awkwardly navigating rows and rows of chairs to get the stage mic to that person at the back. Audience engagement drops while the stage mic is passed around for each audience member that has a question or comment. This cumbersome process is slow and boring for everyone. Or you could use a CatchBox – the world’s first throwable microphone!

How does it work?

If you can toss a ball, you’re ready to start using CatchBox at your next presentation. When someone in your audience has a question, you simply throw them the soft-sided cube and they speak into it. A specialized wireless microphone is housed inside that transmits through the audio system. Toss it back on stage or over to the next audience member and keep the discussion flowing. Want to use a Catchbox at your next event? Fill out the form below to connect with us.

Why is throwable microphone right for you?

From large presentations to small meetings, your audience attendees will love this fun and useful device.

Not only because it’s the right tool for the job, but because it encourages participation and facilitates the sharing of ideas and sparks lively discussion.

You can customize the CatchBox with printed sleeves to showcase your brand, event theme, or slogans.