Digital Signage

Digital signage is an interactive billboard that is used to inform, guide and engage attendees with recent information about an event. It enables an attendee to self access relevant information pertinent to their event experience, including floor maps with wayfinding, session information, and more.

How does it work?

Digital signage is a content management system that sends information to a display, and makes it available for attendees. The digital display relies on a variety of hardware to deliver content. Different from an eposter- which is focused on electronic poster information; Digital Signage is about session information and allows the attendee to navigate through content such as locator map, daily schedule, and session topics passively or with a touch screen display.

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Why is Digital Signage right for you?

Go paperless, and provide a greener solution to communicate your event to your attendees. Unlike printed posters and banners, digital signage provides dynamic content that can be updated onsite, during the event.

Make wayfinding user friendly for your attendees. They can maximize their time at your event and find exactly what they are looking for by navigating a floor plan on the monitor.

Attendees can quickly navigate from one session to another, especially in situations with short layovers in between. They can also toggle topics, speakers, and session information.

Additional features such as the events social media feeds, news, videos, weather and sports allow your attendees to engage in the media you want them to, and possibly even network around those feeds.