Lighting Solutions

Lighting at your event gives you the ability to create dynamic vibrant colors and effects that will captivate your audience. From corporate meetings to large scale events such as galas, award show, and product launches, FMAV has expert lighting designers and technology to help you design a look that aligns with your event or brand.

Behind the Scenes

Take your event into the extraordinary with the perfect lighting technology solution. FMAV will transform your meeting through the capabilities of new hi efficiency of LED technology. Based on your event theme, audience and scope, our design team will collaborate with you to propose some options that will make your event lighting stand out.

Watch this video for a taste of FMAV’s work at some of our greatest events

Why is Lighting Important?

Transform your venue and capture the attention of all your guests.

Properly lit stages allow your presenter to be the focus while the use of color sets the desired tone.

Take control of your event environment and maximize attendee engagement with strategic lighting.