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This is Our Opportunity to Evolve!

Imagine a world where virtual events are permanently linked to live events? What if your 500 person – or even your 20,000 person event could reach more people. Imagine 1000 people attend live and more are able to access it remotely. People who might not be able to attend in person, because geographical, financial or political reason.

What if you left the virtual event open for twice or triple the duration of the live event. Enabling you to reach attendee peer groups that couldn’t attend in person??

Live Events + Virtual Events

Are virtual events right for me?

Most planners are trying hard, really hardto learn as much about virtual as possible. They are trying to cross a threshold and squeeze their Live Event square peg into the Virtual round hole.People are telling you, just do what you do at live events, but virtually. Companies have created virtual events that emulate the live event experience. They are all wrong… Virtual Events are different to Live Events. In many ways, but 1 thing is the same. the Human element. If we focus on being human centric and stop trying to magically convert one experience into another with totally unique experience plaWorms.
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Everything By Design

Build your team now and start designing the experience.
Come up with a designed experience that is validated and informed by deep understanding of your stakeholders, not your webcast suppliers capabilities, or your personal fears or whims.

Start testing early before the event to see how interfaces work. This can create the Video on demand content for when virtual doors open. Adapt and evolve improving so that when show time comes and the virtual doors open, you are not crossing fingers.

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Mindset Shift

Imagine if we as #eventprofs could be the industry that enables and spurs knowledge collection and dissemination.
Leveraging our abilities to deliver content in impactful ways.

Showing the wider world how we excel at creating communities of practice. To continue on you will need a Mindset shift. A shift of how you think about the future of virtual events and live event design.

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Webcasting your event will allow audiences to attend your event and enjoy a great experience despite travel or budget limitations

Watch this recorded Webinar featuring Anthony Vade, Experience Architect at FMAV - Virtual Events

3 Ways to Keep Your Virtual Audience Engaged

Webcasting your event is a great way to connect with attendees that are unable to physically participate due to travel or budget circumstances. Virtual events allow you to connect and deliver your content on a large scale to an unlimited amount of participants.
But as with all events, strategic planning is what differentiates an event- from a successful impactful event. Virtual attendees can become distracted or even interrupted by other activities during your event broadcast. So, how do you keep their attention on your webcast and make them feel like part of the event?

Here are 3 Ideas to Consider:

  • Send Emails During Sessions
  • Keep The Presentations Fresh
  • Encourage Virtual Attendees To Participate On Social Channels And Share Ideas.

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