At FMAV we like to “Think Differently”

We believe our industry is broken…  Planners want to create great events, hotels and venues want to host great events and audiovisual companies want to apply technology to create great event experiences. There is no doubt that all 3 of these groups have a high degree of passion for the meetings and events industry. But over time our interests have become misaligned on how best to do that – resulting in overpriced product, poor service, cookie cutter events, and general dissatisfaction among these stakeholder groups.

How did we get here?

  • Economic conditions, supply and demand variability for hotels and increasing infrastructure costs have had a ripple effect for planners who are constantly under constant budget scrutiny.
  • For meeting facilities, increased operational and infrastructure costs have driven the need to explore multiple streams of revenue including the use of preferred suppliers to drive commission revenue.
  • For AV suppliers, a low barrier for entry has driven increased competition and ultimately a race to the bottom for pricing among an increasingly crowded marketplace.

How Can We Do Better?

Before we can start to do better for our events, we need to return to a set of common first principles.

  • An understanding of the client’s objectives. What do they want to accomplish with their event? Who are the stakeholders? What are the behaviours they want to affect?
  • Early collaboration. Venues are booked up to several years in advance, however, audiovisual is often only discussed in the last 4-6 weeks leading up to the event. Through a deeper collaboration between the venue and audiovisual supplier earlier in the planning process, the surprises can be minimized for the planner.
  • A commitment to provide valuable advice and guidance on the right technology for the right purpose. Ultimately, the planner needs to feel equipped to make informed decisions without strongarm tactics.

If we can agree to do what’s right for the end client, we have the potential to achieve the best event experiences, meeting outcomes, business results, and economic impact. Business success is the result of providing value for services vs. punitive measures.

We call upon all meeting and event venues to open the discussion with your partners and clients. Understand what this means for your industry and the satisfaction of your clients and how you can think differently about it.

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