FMAV delivers effective sound coverage using high-quality audio systems tailored to the event space. Our systems ensure all audience members have the same enriched experience. Audio has a powerful ability to convey messages subtly and effectively. It can be used to deliver important content during presentations or emote and inspire audience members aligned with the event brand. A bad audio experience can set a tone for the overall event experience; therefore it is important to get it right the first time.

How does it work?

We calculate the sound coverage, room space, and background noise audio to put together the most appropriate audio experience for your audience. Once the functional requirements of the audio system are arranged, we work with the event planners and stakeholders to ensure the emotive power of soundscapes are fully utilised.

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Why is Soundscape important?

You want your presenter to be heard clearly by everyone in the room.

You want the sound experience of your front row attendees to be the same as the back row.

You want to hold your attendee’s attention and eliminate background/surrounding noise distractions.

You may have concurrent sessions within the same room or close proximity and want to eliminate sound overlap.

You want a provider who understands that different content requires different audio system solutions.