GeoMod Stage Set

GeoMod Stage Set is a modular geometric structure of shapes that can be manipulated and oriented into different backdrops and placements.

The combinations for a scenic stage designs are endless as the pieces can be arranged to provide one of a kind and innovative looks. GeoMod Stage Set can also be used to create walkways, focal points, backgrounds and of course stage backdrops that wow!

How does it work?

Based on your event theme, audience and scope, our design team will collaborate with you to propose some options and ideas until a design is agreed upon. At the event the fabric inserts are installed into the metal frames, which are then arranged into your pre-determined design. You can choose from our existing colours that allow for up-lighting or projection mapping, or you can custom order a variety of colours to match your event theme or branding. The frame can be hung, or laid on the stage floor to provide even more varying looks and versatility.

Why is Modular Stage Set Right for You?

The possibilities are endless, you can continually reinvent your stage experience event to event.

The versatility of GeoMod Stage Set can create many different looks and can be arranged and used in a variety of different ways. It can be easily complimented with other stage solutions such as LED pillars or even set up in a 3D function, whereby your speakers enter from between the panels.

Use as much or as little stage as you want. GeoMod Stage Set can be adjusted to use a smaller area of your stage set if you need room for activities such as performances. Alternatively, if you have a sizable audience and want a grand look that immerses your attendees, GeoMod Stage Set can be designed to look amazing behind your VIP speakers.