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MEDIALAB: Creative Services


“Bell engaged FMAV to produce the content and individual vignettes featuring the award winners from across the country and supply the show technology for the live event.

FMAV’s team was charged with revamping the look and feel of the event and incorporating dynamic visual elements to enhance the entire presentation while adhering to Bell’s strict brand guidelines and quality standards.

Working in tandem with the Bell National Events team under a tight production schedule, FMAV filmed and produced over 70 award vignettes in five cities across Canada in just a few weeks. The production of the content involved HD videography, 3D animation, green screen technology and motion graphics to create stunning visuals for a live flawless ceremony.

FMAV’s production quality, creative input and impeccable implementation received accolades from the award winners and Bell executives alike. They integrated a stage design that emphasized the Bell brand with compelling video presentations that provided a truly exceptional audience experience.

FMAV is a true innovative production partner for Bell and we are very pleased that FMAV consistently delivered the world- class standards for services and production that we expected.”

Patricia Lakin | BELL CANADA
Director, National Events and Sponsorship