FMAV Gets Me!

Live events that create a connection

We think differently about events. our believe stems from our approach that in order for a live event to create a connection you need the following 3 pillars of success.

Absolute understanding of event goals

What type of connection does your live event need to make? what does success look like? Focus on all stakeholders.

AV and Technology expertise

Technology, strategy, and creativity unite to address every aspect of your event and create a meaningful connection.

Flawless execution

Tested, rehearsed, and right the first time means confident presenters, engaged participants, and happy planners.

FMAV Gets Me!

As a planner, I work long hours, travel all over the country, and have to stay on top of all my event details, at all times, when I have an event coming up the first thing I do is reach out to FMAV with my goals and objectives and they start helping me put the design together… 

We brain storm the experience and refine it until its perfect. They really help me feel confident things will go amazing! I usually need things turned quickly, and FMAV is super responsive in understanding the way I work and my preferences… FMAV just gets me!” Watch this interview with Amer from Nicol wealth management.


At FMAV, we know that you want to be a respected event professional. In order to do that, you need the best Audio Visual Event technology. The problem is understanding event technology can be overwhelming especially trying to decipher what solutions are best for your event. That’s why we have partnered with over 5000 clients to design successful events by providing the right solutions that make sense.

FMAV offers a broad selection of state-of-the-art audio visual equipment combined with our creative production services to ensure you deliver an impactful message including:

  • Enhancing the attendee experience with audio,  lighting, and visual effects to create physical surrounding that shapes your events scenic elements with our environment solutions
  • capturing attendee attention , get them involved by turning your attendees into participants. Making your content more inspiring interactive, and impressionable with our various engagement solutions.
  • Bringing your event into focus by creating a 360 atmosphere that transports attendees out of their physical space and into a new world.

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