Second Screen Technology

Second screen technology involves the use of a computing device (commonly a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone) to provide an enhanced viewing experience for content on another device, such as a screen or monitor.

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More on Second Screen

The term Second Screen commonly refers to the use of such devices to provide interactive features during broadcast content, such as a television program, especially social media postings on social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. The use of a second screen supports social television and generates an online conversation around the specific content.
The audience participation app shares presentation slides to personal devices in real-time, then uses audience interaction to improve the delegate experience and provide powerful event analytics.

Why is Second Screen right for you?

Easily deliver content and interactive features to audience at your event

Polling, questions, chat tools, slide sharing, note taking, plus the ability to like questions and comments, and integrate twitter feed.

The ability to use your mobile device and add a level of engagement to your event.