Social Wall

Bring the right social content to your audience.
Take your digital assets and display curated social media content to increase audience engagement and provide sponsor opportunities. Social Wall / Social Media Signage allows you to show, find, curate, and own, real time attendee generated content across all your event social pages, presented digitally in real time.

How does it work?

Utilizing a display, the solution pulls in live feeds from your various social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, or even a hashtag. When attendees post to the integrated channels or hashtag, their post is displayed on screen for others to view, and engage with.

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Why is Social Wall right for you?

Generate hype, get your attendees involved and participating in online discussions, engaging with your brand, event, or topic. After the event receive comprehensive analytics on the social media impact and engagement so you can track ROI.

Social media is a great way to see who is at the event, and what they are experiencing in those moments. Attendees can interact, and network with each other via the images or the moments being shared. Extend your event excitement long after the event concludes by creating an online community.

Create memorable experiences attendees can share. Increase the value and impact your event has on your attendees.

Focus your attendee attention on the content to bring the right content to your audience at every touch point.