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The Show goes on!

Whether it’s due to global travel restrictions or personal circumstances, the unexpected need to take your meeting digital in a matter of hours has become a reality. Having a specialized team that enables you to keep meeting objectives on track is critical to the success of your event.

The virtual events team at PSAV FMAV can help the show go on even if a key presenter or some of the attendees are unable to attend in person. Our solutions help you stay connected today without losing audience engagement and interaction. In fact, virtual events offer many benefits including sponsorship opportunities and the increased ability for live chat, polling, and Q&A.

Virtual events is the sharing and streaming of media content within a virtual online environment. It can be viewed through any device, anywhere around the world.
Whether you have remote audience that you would like to connect with or have venue space limitations, our Virtual Events solutions will help you meet your event and meeting needs while increasing the possibilities for audience participation

Virtual Events


Are virtual events right for me?
There are many reasons why you might be looking to meet virtually:
▪ Space limitations
▪ Travel restrictions
▪ Remote office locations
▪ Distributed workforce
▪ Need to quickly disseminate content

Whatever the reason, our team is here to help. Learn more about our webcasting solutions. CONNECT WITH US TODAY!

Virtual Events – Are they right for you?

Virtual events enable your participants and attendees to view and interact with live event content from any location around the globe, and from any device.
Restrictions and circumstances can often preclude people from being able to attend events in person. However, they are likely still very interested in the content being shared and are open to other ways of connecting. This poses an amazing opportunity to engage with larger audiences on a higher level and deliver your content directly to a device that can be accessed in a single moment.

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Solutions Include:

▪ Video Conferencing: two-way real time communication
▪ Webcasting: broadcast to a large, dispersed audience
▪ Simultaneous Interpretation: interpretive services so presenters and attendees understand each other in real-time
▪ And more

3 Ways to Keep Your Virtual Audience Engaged

Webcasting your event is a great way to connect with attendees that are unable to physically participate due to travel or budget circumstances. Virtual events allow you to connect and deliver your content on a large scale to an unlimited amount of participants.
But as with all events, strategic planning is what differentiates an event- from a successful impactful event. Virtual attendees can become distracted or even interrupted by other activities during your event broadcast. So, how do you keep their attention on your webcast and make them feel like part of the event?

Here are 3 Ideas to Consider:

  • Send Emails During Sessions
  • Keep The Presentations Fresh
  • Encourage Virtual Attendees To Participate On Social Channels And Share Ideas.

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Webcasting your event will allow audiences to attend your event and enjoy a great experience despite travel or budget limitations

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