The Brain Date: 6 of the greatest takeaways from CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Recently, we had the pleasure of connecting #eventprofs in 6 major cities across Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver) in viewing parties for the virtual conference, CTRL+ALT+DEL.  The original Amsterdam-set conference turned virtual brain date included speakers from around the world to bring education and industry insights to planners on an international scale.  This innovative event organized by Aaron Kaufman, Dahlia El-Gazzar, Will Curran, and Liz King, featured some of today’s most influential #eventprofs including David Adler, Laura Lopez, Stefania Conti-Vecchi, Corbin Ball, Nick Borelli, Kevin White, Eric Ly, Carson Edwards, and Julius Solaris.

Across the six pop up events we were lucky enough to partner with some incredible industry influencers to help co-host for the day.  Rachel Stephan (Sensov Marketing), Mahoganey Jones (Event Specialists), Milena Santoro (MS Productions), Dustin Westling (OneWest Events), Shawn Cheng (MCI), and Patricia Pardy, (Halifax Convention Centre) joined us across the country facilitating discussion throughout CTRL+ALT+DEL.  There was so much to take in and absorb throughout the day, now it is time to reflect on everything we learned and discuss the events greatest takeaways:

Rachel StephanRachel Stephan, DES

Senior Event Marketing Strategist, Sensov Marketing


“The CTRL+ALT+DEL event was an exceptional demonstration of what can be accomplished when there are no boundaries to the imagination and no board or committee restrictions. Once you allow yourself the freedom to defy the “this is how we’ve done it in the past” norm and not be afraid to fail, explore and innovate—magic happens.”


Milena SantoroMilena Santoro

Founder, MS Productions


“For me, this [CTRL+ALT+DEL] really solidified how important technology is for the event industry.  CTRL+ALT+DEL was a great example of how powerful this type of event can be, bringing people together globally and locally.  We were able to come together at the Edmonton pop-up event and collaborate and share ideas in casual environment.  Leadership is about showing up and Edmonton represented as true event professionals for CTRL+ALT+DEL and we look forward to growing this conference.”


Mahogany JonesMahoganey Jones



“My greatest takeaway – is that I am in the right industry. We are in an industry built on collaboration and support. Through networking and shared knowledge, the event was able to happen for an even bigger audience than anticipated.”


dustinwestlingDustin Westling, CSEP

Managing Partner, OneWest Events


“Every session was packed with a broad range of topics from event technology to ROI on marketing and the new brand of event strategists.  My #proudeventprof takeaway was the challenge to all members of our community to start working together to re-evaluate and better define our industry and our roles within it by challenging ourselves and inspiring change.”


000faffPatricia Pardy

Sales Manager, Halifax Convention Centre


My greatest takeaway was the session “Unique Ways to Reset Your Event with AV” with Will Curran.   His presentation was very lively, insightful and he provided excellent tips on how to transform your event using simple AV techniques and equipment.”


117c86eShawn Cheng, DES

Project Coordinator, MCI Group Canada


“One quote that still stick in my mind is “Many Voices, One Message” from Kevin White. I think CTRL+ALT+DEL is a perfect example that showing who we are. As Event Professionals, we understand the value of human connection, and have the ability & knowledge to make things happen.”

From event technology to industry perceptions, CTRL+ALT+DEL touched on the most relevant topics in our industry over the past couple of years as well as projections of the future. It is through events like these with international reach and that promote collaborations among event professionals that our industry can grow and make an even bigger impact. We look forward to the next reboot!

Missed it live? Watch all the sessions here   

We’d like to thank everyone who helped make these pop up events a success