Virtual Reality

The benefit to virtual reality is to have the participants undivided attention – they cannot look away which provides the opportunity for delivering educational content that feels like real life, creating memorable experiences which in turn allow the education. Allow attendees to connect with products, brands, locations.
It is also great for allowing planners to previsualize what their event experience will look and feel like before it happens.

How does it work?

It’s easy: Put on the goggles or incorporate a spherical large VR display and you are immersed in a destination or event environment, created by our MediaLab content creation team and powered by our Solution Specialist team? Participants can explore their environment in full 360 degree view including visualizing both still and video content.

Virtual reality for events immerses the person or attendee in a fully virtual environment.

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Why are Virtual Events right for you?

Immerse an attendee in a private individual experience. Capture, and keep the person focused into what you want them to see and view.

You want to bring an experience such as a destination or activity to the event. Trying to showcase climbing mount Everest or skiing down a mountain in Banff? You can bring that experience to your event and deliver a memorable moment to your attendee.

Virtual reality for events immerses the person or attendee in a fully virtual environment.

This can be done on 3 different scales:

Using a person’s individual device and a cardboard headset which can be custom branded for the event or sponsor.

Utilizing wireless headset devices which sometimes use high specification cellular phones.

HTC vive which allow participants to physically walk/move through the space while bring tracked by sensors.