Last week we had the pleasure of hosting the very first of our FMAV Webinar Series.  In this month’s webinar, we were joined by Trevor Lui (International Centre), Stefani Dunn (Decor & More), and Jamie Richardson (FMAV) to take everyone through how they can elevate their corporate Holiday party with great eats, decor, and new technology.  These are just a few of the top trends in decor, catering, and technology we talked about.


Old is new again

“With old fashion and nostalgia, there are so many heart strings that really come through. It’s the feelings and experiences people make emotional associations with like falling fresh snow that develop a great concept” -Stefani Dunn (Decor & More)

A winter wonderland concept is always popular because people tend to associate it with happy holiday memories and it feels like home and gives that overall feeling of nostalgia which ultimately connects your attendees to the event on an emotional level. Stefani gives us ways to take this older idea and give it a fresh new spin.

Play with your foodscreen-shot-2016-11-04-at-10-47-46-am

“We call it Experiential Dining, and it’s a really big thing we’re going to see a lot more of in the future” -Trevor Lui (International Centre)

With emerging trends like “Shuck ‘n Go” and Live Smoking, your food and beverage can double as entertainment and leave your attendees with an unforgettable dining experience.


Get Interactive

“Using app driven activations to get people to move around the space and engage with different areas of the event environment” -Jamie Richardson (FMAV)

These types of technologies like beacons and RFID can be used for gamification and other interactive experiences to promote engagement.  Think Scavenger hunt or trivia game with a prize component


Want more?  Watch the webinar here