Welcome to Studio 2854

FMAV Montreal is excited to launch Studio 2854. A multi-purpose event studio within our Montreal office for our clients and partners to plan, rehearse, and work with full-scale mock-ups of their meeting or event.  

The versatile event studio boasts 17 ft ceilings and you guessed it, it is 28 X 54ft in size.  Imagine being able to plan and rehearse in a private space with a 36,000 sq ft warehouse of audiovisual equipment and event technology at your disposal? THAT is what Studio 2854 is all about.
“Studio 2854 is another way we show that we are THE audiovisual and Event Technology company for people who plan events and how we invest in our relationships with our partners” says Marie-Josee Boilard, Vice President, Eastern Canada.

[no_unordered_list style="circle" animate="yes" padding_left="30" show_separator="no"]What you get:
  • 28 x 54 ft of space
  • 17ft ceiling
  • 54 feet of projection wall
  • Fully soundproof private room
  • Access to available equipment
  • MediaLab on-site

“From the moment we stepped into Studio 2854 we knew if would be the ideal space to present projection mapping to our CEO.  With help from FMAV’s in-house MediaLab, the content and projection wall really impressed” – A major Montreal agency

For more information on Studio 2854 or to take a tour call us 514-843-8700 or email us at connect@fmav.ca